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Worx™SR helps you to reach out more customers, Doing job professionally and good quality makes you reach the top of your peers

along with free subscription in our services, there are more plans to empower your business to grow more and more..


Become a Member 

Join Us for free to be a member of our community. Complete your Profile data as it will be show to customers who look for hiring someone to do Service Request.

Add your craft, or Profession

Add your Craft , or profession by Select among hundreds of Jobs the one suits your Profession and qualification.

Get more Opportunities

A chance to receive more opportunities will be more based on chosen membership plan . It is not classified ads. this is a an active application serving your 24X7 around the O'clock..


Place  best Bids

Keep monitering  job requests received in yoour domain , participate with best Bids to assure get awarded.

Earn more Money

Accomplish work and leave good impression will lead  to gain more money and high  ratinng..


The Story Behind Worx™SR Logo?

Bee is a magnificrnt insect that keep working all the day flying every where in fields to find flowers and sucking flower's sweet syrup and after hard works . Bee return back to the hive and produce Honey..

Inspiring by Bees, Human going everyday to work and get earn money for job he is done .


Why Worx™SR ?

Back to 2014 during a discussion with a colleague and friend of mine suggest to build an application to be used specifically for Handyman , such technician of 7 trades who can fix some electric appliance, do some plumbing works, or wood works , and do some electrical works that women or house keepers can not do.

app was like a classified ads gathering all Handyman contacts in one app. 

In 2018 Idea was matured to serve not only Handyman, but all Craftmen amd Professionals who can provide their services based on hourly basis , or by Project. add to that customers who seeking for someone to help him doing some job can submit a description of the work scope. and invite Service Providers to participate with their Best prices.. Similar to famous plateform as Freelancer, and upworks...etc. but in simplified manner .

Our team


Akrum Hamad - Egypt

Worx™SR Founder, Design , Develop Application Data structure , Website Application , and Web services APIs , 


Tushar - India

Works as Project Manager and leads rest of Mobile Application with his team. and finish Android version smoothly.

gallery/shuja ud din

Shuja Ud Din - Pakistan

Team Leader , who works in user management and social login using Facebook and Google


Saif - Pakistan

Senior Developer works with Shuja to deliver Use management Module and work in Design phase.


Waqar - Pakistan

Senior Developer work with Shuja as well in User management Module

Nim Patel - India

Senior Developer work with Tushar in Develop and Design most parts of Application

gallery/screenshot from 2019-05-14 07-59-52

What is make Worx™SR Different?

Worx™SR is kind of Service on Demand Application , Like Uber and many Service on demands Application. but It is developed to serve Service Providers and Customers with One Application. So User still can use Application as Employer , or as Service Providers as well.


It is easy to use Worx™SR for those users who are acquainted with FACEBOOK, TWITTER, LINKEDIN Apps. Some of Worx™SR features are as follow:

1. Security

For Mobile equipped with fingerprint sensor this feature  help to access app using Fingerprint make it much easier for those who forget password.


Authentication using Google/Facebook along with email and password.

2. Payment


Paypal is global payment for paid subscriptions, Local payment Gateway also provided as Knet in Kuwait

Paypal accept USD so app will convert it from KWD to USD. Same will be done for other countires later on..

3. Chat

Some features as Chat , sharing images and files between Employer and Service Providers, for paid subscription only, Shared data will be removed after Job request is Completed.

4. Profile 

Includes many important information to make App works properly as Bio information, your Address, Job Title, your Hour rate , and image garllery of your works., Timeline of your activities.

5. Insant Request 

Instant request sent directly to choosen Service Provider seeking for urgent job.

6. Bidding 

Customer can Post Project for specific Job Title i.e. "Carpenter" ,then Service Providers will place their bids , so he can award Project to the best price or choose Service Provider with Higher rating.


Worx™SR Indpendent Salesmen Program


Worx™SR encourage  an ambitious independent salesmen , to join Independent Salesmen Program ISP.. Opportunities currently opened iinn State  of Kuwait.  ISP offer enemerous commmission  shema begin by 10% `` 15%  of Revenue target  of servicecs  sold to  Individuals  , and  7%~10% for Corporate accounts. add to that 5% incentive if Salesmen achieve targets per month. Commission payout during 1st week on next month to salesmen bank account. 

candidaes and Fashionista are invited to join ISP can contact us from here . 


Terms of joining the program


Submit your Name / Email / Mobile Number

Copy of identity /or commercial register / Bank account (bank name - account holder - account number or IBAN) - or place a deposit  in case of cash handling

Nominates Sector / target groups such as Engineers, Doctors, Auto mechanics, domestic workers, Hairdressers, Equipment stores, tailors, etc.

Governorate / region wishing to work if not available will nominate the nearest place.


Sector Salesmen
General Services Labors 27 
Wholesale and Retail Trades17 
Real Estates and Property Management
Transformation Industries
Clercial and Security
Communities Services
Storage, Shipping, Trandportation
Education and Training
Health Care


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Data Automation Center [DAC]




+965 99354420


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